Item Name: Frosted Bags

Description: Do you spend more to wrap your gift than you spend buying the gift sometimes? Why not have these handy gift bags on had with some tissue and always be ready to give a gift? These frosted bags come in two sizes: Frosted Cub Bag 8” x 5” x 10" or Frosted Mini Bag 4” x 3” x 6”. Mini bags are available in white/clear frosted only. Cub bags in white/clear, black, grape, lavender, rose pink, red, blue or lime. They can have up to 4 lines of personalization, including a design in a variety of ink colors.

Pricing: Frosted Cub bags: 25 for $61.00, 50 for $85.00, 75 for $109.00, 100 for $137.00, add'l 25's for $29.50

Frosted Mini Bags: 25 for $45.00, 50 for $65.00, 75 for $85.00, 100 for $105.00, additional 25's for $24.00

Product Code: 16265-KREK-Frosted Bags

Supplier: Krepe Kraft

Estimated Delivery Time:
3-5 business days plus shipping time from New York

Ordering Information

You have the choice of contacting us directly to place your order, or you can build up an Order List before contact. To build your Order List, please enter your quantity, personalization, ink color (if applicable) and any other specifics noted under "Pricing" for each item. Upon checkout, a Clark Stationery consultant will contact you to finalize your order, confirm details, select shipping, etc.